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Audit, risks and internal control

Control your activities
in order to meet your objectives

Faced with constant changes within his environment, each manager must ensure the optimal performance of his processes and focus his actions on the risks that may jeopardise the strategic goals of the organisation.

Why do internal auditors and risk managers
choose PYX4 ?

Managing risks and opportunities

Identify incidents related to the identified risks and track improvements of the control devices.

Track your internal audits

Plan, track and document your internal audit missions, as well as recommendations and related action plans.

Manage your internal control

Have a concise overview of the internal control elements and generate self-evaluation campaigns.

Gain a holistic perspective

Allow each internal controler to easily share the information necessary to carry out his or her job in a single software package.

PYX4 Improver

Manage activity tracking

PYX4 Improver allows you to track all your organisation’s action plans, whether related to self-assessments, audits or risk control.
The integrated dashboard allows you to coordinate and communicate your method for continuous improvement and to control your risks.

"Establishing risk-based operational indicators enables process and procedure managers to track and ensure that they are properly implemented."
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Thierry DESCHOMBECK, Continuous improvment Manager BAYER
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