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Our training offer

PYX4 solutions and business expertises

Our expert training-consulting team has all the necessary expertise to train your teams, regardless of their role.

We offer a comprehensive training package on PYX4 solutions but also on business expertise, to meet all the needs of your organisation.

PYX4 Solutions

PYX4 training solutions

Because proper mastery of the tool is a prerequisite for the success of your project, our consultants offer training sessions on the different PYX4 modules.


Duties related to quality, Business Process Management, internal audit, managerial methods and functions, etc. Consultants.


We adapt the training to your needs, depending on the context and PYX4 modules that you have chosen.


  • To understand the challenges involved in a BPM approach, and more broadly in a process approach.
  • To discover and to master a methodology and a graphic language for describing processes.
  • To master both the simple and the advanced functionalities of the PYX4 modeling tool.
  • To learn how to create repositories to facilitate internal and external communication.
  • To know the administrative fundamentals of the PYX4 tool: software, document, access rights, etc.


  • We offer fun and interactive workshops.
  • Putting into practice a process modeling scenario related to your context will enable you to initiate your project.

Business training

To develop your skills or those of your employees, PYX4 offers on-site or off-site training on a wide range of business expertise. These trainings meets the operational needs of PYX4 solutions users as well as the needs specific to their industry.


Duties related to quality and continuous improvement, environment, people safety, internal control, internal audit, food safety, risks management, etc.


  • EHS standards training (9001 & 14,001:2015, 9001 transition and risks approach, Quality internal auditor, introduction to FSSC 22,000 requirements…)
  • HSQE risk approaches training (environmental analysis, single document, HACCP, AMDEC, HAZOP…)
  • Global risk management methodology training
  • Process management training
  • Internal control and audit training
  • Project management training


We like to focus on participatory teaching methods based on a concrete approach, with which the added value they bring can be perceived.

Some training courses may be subject to blend learning (on-site and e-learning) in order to favour feedback and not to leave the learner by themselves after their on-site training.


We have multiple objectives, and the main one is: Your satisfaction!

Each training course is designed to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Our senior consultants-trainers have a strong operational experience and they can help you find the solutions best suited to your organisation.


Our consultants will train you on all your specific issues
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