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Our consulting services

Consulting services for QSE, CSR,
process, risks and internal audit


Consulting services for process approach/BPM

The process approach is at the core of management systems.

It is also a business organisation tool which will increase performance.


  • Organisational and methodological diagnosis of your process approach
  • Definition, restructuring and implementation of the process methodology
  • Process description
  • Assistance during changes
  • Training adapted to the process approach (managers, governing bodies, …)
  • Definition of management, performance and interface indicators
  • Implementation and managing
  • Optimisation of your processes: 5S, lean management, Kaizen, 8D, Carredas.



Optimise your organisation and modes of operation, reinforce your dexterity.


Our expert consultants have a lot of experience regarding issues encountered during the implementation of a process approach and pre-emptively secure your project.

With more than 15 years experience, we adapt to your organisation and provide the best practices for each one of your processes, covering each point: methodology, roles and responsibilities, sequence of actions, follow-up indicators, risks, coordination…

A process approach being a collaborative one, the assistance we provide rests on joint effort for increased final cross-functionality: managers, those actively involved in the process , internal and external clients, support features, etc.


Consulting services for risk management

Structured and dynamic, risks management is a powerful managerial tool which can bring real added value to the organisation.

We have developed a risks management methodology which applies to the different approaches implemented within your organisation.


  • Diagnosis of your risks management methodologies and assistance to reach convergence
  • Definition, restructuring and implementation of the dynamic and unique risks management methodology
  • Scoring of risks and control systems, identification of related action plans
  • Assistance during change
  • Consulting services provided to risks managers, training adapted to the risks approach (risks owners, governing bodies, …)
  • Processing of risks in a global or focussed approach: quality, environment, people safety, food safety (HACCP), food defence
  • Crisis management


Secure your performance and achieve your objectives.

Internal audit

Consulting services for internal audit

Because of increased risks and the continuous evolution of organisations, internal audit provides an objective and independent analysis of the situation to management.


  • Sub-contracting/co-contracting operational internal audit mission
  • Consulting services provided to the directorates of internal audits (assistance provided to the teams, assistance for IFAC certification) or quality directorates


  • Positioning and linking the internal audit, internal control, risks management and quality departments
  • Specific audit: fraud, alignment of post-acquisition modes of operation


Guarantee and optimise the management of your activities.

Quality, Security and Environment

Consulting services for QHSE management systems

You want your organisation to be certified? You wish to improve your practices? To achieve this, we use management system standards as tools dedicated to your performance.


  • Assistance to obtain ISO 9001/14,001/18,001/22,000/IFS/9100/ts/16,949/50,001/ Integrated management systems certification



  • Assistance in the improvement of the organisation and its performance


Implement a management system meeting the standard requirements and directing the organisation towards increased performance.


Corporate Social Responsibilities of organisations

The involvement of your company in Sustainable Development is a strategic move which must be done in a structured manner.

We propose to tackle CSR with a pragmatic vision of continuous improvement, where the financial pillar has the same importance as the environmental and social pillars.


  • Implementation phase: understanding your needs and strategy, as well as your values, and culture.
  • A 360° analysis of the organisation: directors, internal and external stakeholders.
  • Creation of a detailed action plan which seamlessly blends with your modes of operation
  • Step-by-step support: a pace which is adapted to your company
  • Evaluation and Maturity Measurement
  • Extra financial reporting or integrated reporting


  • Use the CSR to reinforce the added value of your company
  • Achieve overall and sustainable performance
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