Harmonize the ways of working<span style=
within your organization
with PYX4 Store" title="Harmonize the ways of workingwithin your organizationwith PYX4 Store" width="1440" height="450"/>

Harmonize the ways of working
within your organization

with PYX4 Store

PYX4 Store allows you to coordinate the different units of your organization and harmonize their practices. Consolidate your group’s processes in a dedicated repository, then let each unit manage their processes with the level of autonomy you wish.


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Harmonize ways of working

Make sure all members of your company can access the same group processes and procedures, enabling them to set up homogeneous repositories that are consistent for all your units.
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Facilitate mergers and acquisitions

Quickly deploy a processes repository within the whole group to facilitate mergers and acquisitions.
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Benefit from a ready-to-use processes library

Download and customize a selection of public processes and procedures modeled by our experts.
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Decentralize the management of your group’s processes

Make sure the most effective processes and procedures are known and applied by everyone. Let each unit manage their processes with the level of autonomy you wish, within their own repositories and instances.

Share knowledge

Share processes and procedures between the different branches of your organization

  • Build packages of homogenous processes
  • Choose which related elements you wish to include to these packages.
  • Choose with which instances or units of your organization you wish to share them.
  • Publish a package and make it available to the entities you have previously selected.


PYX4 Store, harmonisez vos pratiques sur laptop
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PYX4 Store, harmonisez vos pratiques sur laptop

Ease organizational changes

Facilitate skill developments of your teams

  • In the context of an activity launch, merger or acquisition, employees skills acquisition is much quicker, which drives significant productivity gains.
  • Ease organizational changes in your group by providing your teams with a processes package that details current best practices.
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Enjoy a collaborative workspace around processes

Benefit from a library of ready-to-use processes

  • Browse a library of public processes and procedures designed by experienced consultants directly from your portal.
  • Select those you are interested in and download them to your own instance.
  • Adapt them to your context so they perfectly fit your organization.
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100% web SaaS solution

PYX4 doesn’t require installation and therefore leaves your information system untouched. You benefit from a flexible subscription-based pricing and can enjoy all recent software developments real-time without any action required on your side.
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Security and resilience

Hosting on dedicated servers in a French hosting company. TIER III certified datacenters with a daily backup of the database and weekly backup of the server (application and database).
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Notification system

Automatic and real-time notifications when a package of related to you is published on your “PYX4 store” portal.
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Synthetic view

Benefit from a synthetic view to easily identify the packages you have designed, those your relations have published, and those made available in the public space.
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Analysis dashboard

A dashboard will enable you to have a global view by providing a real-time overview of your improvement system.
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Customisation options

Set and customise the module to suit your business requirements.
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