Identify and control your organization's<br> business risks with<span style= PYX4 Risk" title="Identify and control your organization's business risks with PYX4 Risk" width="1440" height="450"/>

Identify and control your organization's
business risks with PYX4 Risk

PYX4 Risk enables you to manage and control your organization’s business risks and opportunities. Get a clear view of opportunities to be seized and pilot your risks to achieve efficiency, with a solution that you can easily adjust to your organization.


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Identify risks

Describe risks and existing means of control, then collect incidents records to refine your analysis.
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Assess the impact of your risks

List and link incidents to your risks in order to objectively evaluate them.
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Involve all coworkers

Share information on your organization’s risks and opportunities with your employees with due regard to confidentiality requirements.
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Monitor your efficiency

Track the progress of your risks and opportunities in real-time and monitor the effectiveness of related action plans.

Keep risks under control

Control the risks your organization faces

  • Detect precisely which risks affect your organization, and link them directly to your processes
  • Detail these risks, together with your existing management plan, and collect incident records to refine your analysis
  • Monitor how these threats evolve, and respond in the most appropriate way


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Identify opportunities

Capitalize on your organization’s know-hows, rules and methods

  • List all opportunities you have identified during process and risk reviews or internal audits
  • Rate these opportunities based on unified criteria just the way you do with risks
  • Build a response strategy to focus on those with highest priority
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Prioritize actions

Prioritize the handling of risks with our simple evaluation methodology

  • Empower your teams: assign owners to risks in PYX4 Risk
  • Assess risks based on their potential impact on your structure and their likelihood of occurrence
  • Prioritize actions to establish effective response strategies, together with operations.
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100% web SaaS solution

PYX4 doesn’t require installation and therefore leaves your information system untouched. You benefit from a flexible subscription-based pricing and can enjoy all recent software developments real-time without any action required on your side.
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Security & Resilience

Hosting on dedicated servers in a French hosting company. TIER III certified datacenters with daily backup of the database and weekly backup of the server.
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Get a 360 degree vision of your Risks

Link risks to your organization’s processes and procedures that you have previously modelled with PYX4 process. Support a risk assessment or reassessment with incident records from PYX4 Improver.
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Steering of action plan

Follow-up on actions planned to deal with risks directly from PYX4 Improver.
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Analytics dashboard

Get a clear and real-time view of your improvement system from a performance dashboard.
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Customization options

Customize the module with specific settings reflecting your activity.
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