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Model and optimize
your key business processes
with PYX4 Process

PYX4 Process allows you to manage your organization based on its key organisational processes. You will gain a clear view of your organization through a collaborative and easy-to-use solution.


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Control your know-how

Build a common knowledge repository for your methods and documents and do not let turnover constitute a threat to your organisation anymore.
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Clarify the roles and responsibilities of everyone

Identify roles involved in the procedures in order to streamline the interfaces and allow everyone to measure their contribution according to the objectives of the organisation.
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Optimize your change management

Model your organization before/after the change and assess the impact of the changes. Build adapted training plans to reduce employee concerns.
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Optimize your organization by involving your employees

Take advantage of the simplicity of the language used by PYX4 to model your processes in a collaborative way and optimise all activities.


Simple modelling of your organization’s processes, procedures and instructions

  • Easily model your graphs in your browser using our intuitive design engine.
  • Benefit from a simplified modelling methodology which makes the processes intelligible to all.
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Capitalise on your organisation’s know-how, rules and methods

  • Consolidate your know-how by building a unique repository of your organization’s knowledge.
  • Centrally manage all business documentation identified as useful to your employees for performing their duties.
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Easy browsing through the various levels of graphs of your repository

  • Dynamic links enable intuitive browsing within the repository.
  • Directly access what concerns you and easily search for what you are interested in.
  • List graphs and documents, and focus on the elements that you will use on a daily basis.
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Contribution module

Involve your employees with a contribution module enabling everyone to be proactive on work in progress.
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Notification system

Be informed in real time whenever a change affecting you occurs, when someone requests an action from you or if your opinion is requested.
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Search engine

Easily find any element in the repository with the search engine available from all pages of the application.
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Publication Management

Control the publication of your graphs and documents by adding them to a validation workflow and then by selecting their publication date.
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Changes log

Access the changes log to monitor any adjustment made to a graph.
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Interaction identification

View interactions between different elements in the repository to measure the impact of the changes.
L'Institut 4.10 harmonise ses pratiques auprès de 14 sites en France avec PYX4
Institut 4.10 harmonizes its practices
among 14 sites in France with PYX4
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