Explore the full range of PYX4 modules

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Explore the full range of PYX4 modules


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100% web SaaS solution

PYX4 doesn’t require installation and therefore leaves your information system untouched. You benefit from a flexible subscription-based pricing and can enjoy all recent software developments real-time without any action required on your side.
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Customization options

Customize the module with specific settings reflecting your activity.
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Security & Resilience

Hosting on dedicated servers in a French hosting company. TIER III certified datacenters with daily backup of the database and weekly backup of the server.

PYX4 Process

Collaborative Process Modelling Software

Use your processes to run your business with PYX4 Process. Optimize your operations, and get a real-time visibility into your organization, thanks to a simple and collaborative solution.

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Collaborative Process Modelling Software

PYX4 Improver

Quality Management software

With PYX4 Improver, get a real-time view of inefficiencies, non-compliances and suggested improvements from your workforce. Audit your organization and rapidly create action plans to improve your global performance and meet most management standards.

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Quality Management software

PYX4 Risk

Enterprise Risk Management software

With PYX4 Risk, manage your enterprise risks and opportunities and maximize your performance. Identify opportunities you wish to sustain, and define risks to better address them, thereby meeting ISO 9001 v2015 standards.

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Enterprise Risk Management software

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