Manage your organisation
through processes to maximise
your operational performance

PYX4 Process

Collaborative business process modelling software

Drive your organisation based on its key organisational processesPromote process mapping to build and distribute your repository quickly and easily to your employees. Allow them a clear vision of their contribution to the objectives of your organization: it is to ensure your innovation.

Pyx4 - Logiciel Process sur ordinateur
"PYX4 is an easy-to-use solution that allowed us to meet high demanding standards while allowing the entire system to be shared via a simple web browser."
Photo - Thierry Deschombeck - Temoignage - PYX4
Thierry Deschombeck, BAYER continuous improvement Manager
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Pyx4 - Logiciel Process sur ordinateur

Pyx4 Improver

Quality Management Software

Manage events (malfunctions, non-compliance…), actions and audits in an integrated way to improve the overall performance of your organisation and coordinate its improvement. Efficiently meet the requirements of key management standards.


PYX4 Improver - piloter l’amélioration continue - analyse plan managment
"Not only an easy-to-use software, PYX4 is also a professionnal and human team, which has adapted to our needs and given us valuable support to obtain our ISO certification."
Florent Pautrat
Florent Pautrat, Quality Control and Marketing Manager
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PYX4 Improver - piloter l’amélioration continue - analyse plan managment

PYX4 Risk

Enterprise Risk and Opportunity Management software

PYX4 Risk enables you to manage and control your organization’s business risks and opportunities. Get a clear view of opportunities to be seized and pilot your risks to achieve efficiency, with a solution that you can easily adjust to your organization.

Pyx4 - Logiciel Risk sur ordinateur
"Easy-to-use software suite and methodology, high quality support and consulting"
Sylvie PIGAULT Responsable Qualité et Contrôle Interne Institut 4.10 - Témoignage client PYX4
Sylvie PIGAULT, Quality and Internal Control Manager
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Pyx4 - Logiciel Risk sur ordinateur

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