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Helpdesk Power User

PYX4 Process


Creation and modelisation

Create a document or a resource from a graph

Create a graph

Create a graph from a graph

Creation of a graph or document: reference

Create a new version from a graph or document’s previous version 

Decision tree

Duplicate a graph

Modelisation of your procedures: automatic distribution 

Copy / paste several shapes by multi selections 

Use “and” / “or” unlinked to shapes

How to delete an element: “waste bin” icon added

Level 1 graph: set a main process

Graphs: add a comment

Level 3 graph modeling (working instructions)



Graph validation if a user is deactivated

Archived graphs

Graph’s validation

Deactivate an applicable graph

Notification deactivation/reactivation of a graph or a document 

Graphs: versions list tab



Graph’s customisation

Adding a picture in a graph via resources

Define a graph as the single entry point to your repository

Images gallery added

Images gallery used in graphs

Brush style tool

Customise the background of your graphs

Root graph, entry point to your repository

Colour management


How to link / unlink an arrow to a shape

Select/unselect all preferences

Print several graphs

Invite users to contribute to a graph

Print a graph

Open an old graph’s version

Elements lexicon used in a graph

Print of the lexicon for graphs elements

Graphs and documents: footers added for print

Rename a linked element within a graph

Graphs/documents reading confirmation

Reminder to confirm reading

Assign actors: users, groups, roles

Graphs: process review


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