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Helpdesk Power User

PYX4 Process


Creation and modeling

Create a graph

Create a graph from a graph

Model a level 2 graph (procedure)

Model a level 3 graph (working instruction)

Model a level 3 graph (decision tree)

Create a graph or a document directly in a directory from your tree view

Manage links between graphs

Create a document or a resource from a graph

Modeling of your procedures: automatic distribution

Copy / paste several shapes by multi selections

Use “and” / “or” unlinked to shapes

Duplicate a graph

Level 1 graph: set a main process

How to delete an element: “waste bin” icon added

Create a graph/document: reference

Create a new version from a graph or document’s previous version

Add a comment

Rename a linked element within a graph


Validate a graph

Graph validation if a user is deactivated

Publish a graph/document and schedule a publication date

Deactivate an applicable graph

Archive a graph

Unlock a workflow

Notification deactivation/reactivation of a graph or a document

Assign actors: users, groups, roles


Graph modeling: uniformisation

Custom a graph

Brush style tool

Manage colours for graph’s modeling

Set the collaborative instructions

Customise the background of your graphs

Add a picture via the resource icon

Presentation of the images gallery

Use the images gallery in graphs


What is a level 1? (voice-over)

What is a level 2? (voice-over)

What is a level 3? (voice-over)

Intuitive navigation between graphs

Invite users to contribute to a graph

Define/modify the root graph

Open an old graph’s version

How to link / unlink an arrow to a shape

Consult the elements lexicon

Graphs and documents: footers added for print

Graphs/documents reading confirmation

Reminder to confirm reading

Graphs: process review

Delete a graph

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