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IAE Bordeaux trains its Master in Financial management
and internal audit students with PYX4

“PYX4 solution offers interesting features, such as a validation cycle for mapped processes and 100% web access. Our students find the solution intuitive and very convenient.”
Stéphane TREBUCQ, University professor in Management Science



Process modelling is one of the essential tools for quality services, management controllers and internal auditors. Master 2 DFCGAI students of IAE Bordeaux use PYX4 to learn how to master it.


To enable students to:

  • master process analysis, essential for their future professional life
  • focus on process modelling, and not on learning a software tool


students trained each year
More than 150 modelled graphs
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What is the role of modelling and process management in business areas such as managerial controls and internal audits?

Master 2 DFCG students are trained in classic managerial controls and internal audits techniques, namely, cost calculations, budget estimates and monitoring, drawing-up evaluation models, as well as strategic and risk mapping. Process analysis, often entrusted to quality services, is, however, an important tool for controllers and auditors, both for the future elaboration of new activity based costing systems (ABC method) and for performance follow-up at a process level.

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How is PYX4 implemented in the university programme of your students?

Process analysis when presented in a theoretical manner has little chance of being understood or memorised, and converted to operational know-how. In order to achieve this, IAE Bordeaux has adopted PYX4 solution to enable students to exercise and practise process analysis in partnership with different firms. These firms were very happy to meet students equipped for this modelling tool. This has also enabled them to test the PYX4 solution while understanding its benefits and added value.

Our students have therefore been able to provide assistance for real problems such as the preparation of an ISO certification for securing the information system of an SME, for example. 

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What are the main advantages that PYX4 brings to your daily life as a teacher?

In practice, the fact that students have a remote web access, allowed them to use PYX4 solution where they wanted, i.e. from their home or university classrooms, or on the premises of the companies with which they have worked.

The implementation of the solution without the intervention of IT support personnel, also represents a real advantage. We are impatiently waiting for future evolutions of the tool in order to extend the risks concept to process modelling.

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