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BIM in Motion awarded an ISO 9001 certification
within 6 months with PYX4



BIM in Motion is an engineering firm specialised in BIM (Building Information Modelling) which offers project management support. The company is a dynamic start-up which was created in 2016.


  • Obtain the ISO 9001:2015 certification in less than 6 months


ISO 9001:2015 Certification obtained within the desired time frame
Unexpected time savings and improvement in quality of service
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What convinced you to keep PYX4 Process and PYX4 Improver for accompanying you throughout the certification process?


As a start-up, we use cloud and collaborative solutions every day. Logically, in our quality approach, we looked for a process modelling solution which respects this mode of operation.

Following a benchmark on the internet, we wanted to know more about PYX4. Different features caught our attention, in particular, the ability to discuss processes with the team members, their online modelling and the ability to attach documents to them.

We have then tested the tool: the (Qualigram) modelling methodology is simple and easy to use, making it quick to master; which seemed to suit our three-person structure. PYX4 allowed us to rapidly and efficiently comply with various points of the ISO 9001:2015 Standard and offered individual support packages. This convinced us.

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Over and above obtaining your ISO certification, what has changed in your daily life as Quality Manager since using our solutions?

Huge time savings, as well as simpler processing of actions.

With PYX4 Process, our organisation has gained in transparency and efficiency. We can link processes, instructions, documents … this enables us to rapidly make new employees operational, and get a more efficient document management. We can, for example, process tenders more rapidly.

PXY4 Improver has considerably improved our way of processing non-compliance. Previously, customer feedback was kept in paper-based records. But from now on, events are directly reported to consultants who can rapidly and efficiently process them. Deadlines and follow-ups are set. We can also easily monitor the evolution of non-compliance.

All of this has a definite impact on the quality of the service offered to our clients and should also impact on customer retention.

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Your company is booming, you have obtained your ISO 9001 certification, what are your next objectives?

Our company is young, and we want to develop our client base in the BIM field to become a major player in this industry, while guaranteeing optimal service to our clients.

We also have the target of obtaining the BIM level 2 certification, awarded by the BRE (Building Research Establishment).

PYX4 will without any doubt represent an advantage which will allow us to meet our objectives.

Photo Florent Pautrat, Bim In Motion, témoignage case study Pyx4
“Besides being an easy-to-use software, PYX4 is also a professional human team, which has been able to adapt to our needs and provide specific support leading us to being awarded our ISO certification.”
Photo Florent Pautrat, Bim In Motion, témoignage case study Pyx4
Florent PAUTRAT, Marketing and Quality Manager

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