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Bayer chose PYX4 to address its normative restrictions

“PYX4 is an easy to learn and use solution, which has helped us comply with highly demanding standards requirements, while allowing us to share the whole system via a simple web browser. ”
Thierry DESCHOMBECK, Continuous improvement Manager



Bayer operates in a sector which is subjected to very strict normative restrictions.

To comply with these restrictions, the organisation wanted to implement an integrated QSE management system, based on a process management approach.


  • Share the management system to promote understanding, involvement and participation
  • Integrate all standards into a single certification
  • Promote a continuous improvement approach while conducting these processes


An integrated management system based on 4 repositories, shared with 360 employees
More than 80 process reviews a year, 200 modelled graphs, and 1000 operating methods associated with procedures
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What are the challenges specific to your business sector, and how can PYX4 help you address them?

The Bayer Villefranche is classified as an upper tier Seveso III establishment. It must therefore comply with a great number of requirements and implement an efficient major industrial risk prevention policy. This therefore means that we regularly review our organisation in order to address the security and environmental protection challenges, skills development issues and employees’ initiative, improvement in production efficiency and support services, etc.

To achieve this, Bayer has for many years now committed itself to a continuous improvement approach to ensure the security of employees, local residents and of its installations and guarantees the proper application of the QSE procedures and standards in force (ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, ILO OSH2001).

It is why we have implemented an integrated QSE management system, based on a process approach by modelling the organisation, with PYX4 Process solution.

Change management is also an important axis when taking into account the risks. Here too, PYX4 solution has accompanied us in this process, enabling a simple and rapid update of the document system.

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Can you give us some examples of operational changes witnessed by you since you have been using PYX4?

The complexity of the former documenting system could no longer guarantee regular updates. It was becoming too cumbersome and complex in the description of procedures and work instructions. The implementation of PYX4 has enabled us to improve our efficiency in that field, and to rationalise the number of documents required for the control of our processes.

Change management and the consideration of its impact within our organisations are also easier: as a matter of fact, with the visual representation of our processes, we have better control over the roles and responsibilities of everyone.

We can easily get information on the changes made in the document system and make quantitative and qualitative reviews of the updated version, with the export features of the software.

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Now that you have reached a good level of maturity in your business, what will be your next areas of work?

Today, the QSE management system is operated by all the Managers and some Technicians; the QSE Department is now only responsible for its maintenance and update.

Our first objective for 2017 is to democratise the control of QSE management systems.

To achieve this, we want to extend the application of the tool, by integrating the management of audits, events and improvement actions via the PYX4 Improver module.

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