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Quality and continuous improvement management

Control your continuous
improvement activities

To optimize operations and increase performance, the quality and continuous improvement activities require management, coordination and cross-functional communication between all those actively involved in the company.  

Why do quality and continuous improvement specialists choose PYX4 ?

Enjoy a simple mapping methodology

Benefit from a simple methodology for modelling processes that is easily understood by everyone to build your process repository thanks to the Qualigram methodology.

Describe and optimize operating procedures

Formalise and easily review your operating procedures with a view to improve them.

Drive continuous improvement

Monitor the progress of your continuous improvement plans on a daily basis. Identify the causes and propose solutions based on your improvement observations.

Easily communicate on the quality management approach

Make quality information available to everyone to facilitate exchanges and make everyone contribute to the process of continuous improvement.

PYX4 Improver

Control your continuous improvement approach

PYX4 Improver allows you to conduct a continuous improvement approach with all your employees. You will be able to manage the two main axes of your approach: audits, from planning to follow-up of action plans, and management of the improvement of your processes.

"Above and beyond being a big time saver, as well as a simpler approach to managing your action plans, PYX4 has allowed our organisation to enhance clarity and efficiency."
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Florent PAUTRAT, Quality project Manager , BIM in motion
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Image - Qualité et amélioration continue - page enjeux - PYX4