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IT Manager

Modelling your IT processes with PYX4

Chief Information Officers seek to model and align their working methods in order to control their activities. PYX4 allows you to fulfill this objective by providing a simple tool that is quickly set up and adopted by employees.

Why do IT Managers choose PYX4 ?

Alignment of methods

Model with efficacy and establish simple and user-friendly procedures that will standardise methods.

Limit costs of ownership

Choose a competitive SaaS solution whose offer is adapted to your needs.

Minimise impact on your IT system

Select a web application that easily fits into your IT system. Hence, limit deployment operations.

Equip your employees

Give your employees a simple and effective tool that addresses, among other things, the process and document management issues.

PYX4 Process

Easily model your IT processes

PYX4 Process allows you to drive your IT strategy based on their organisational processes. PYX4 Process will give you access to the procedures that are relevant to your business, together with appropriate business documents, to enable you to reach the right level of operational performance.

"PYX4 is an easy-to-use solution that allows us to meet high demanding standards while allowing the entire system to be shared via a simple web browser. "
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Thierry DESCHOMBECK, Continuous improvement manager, BAYER
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