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Risk Management

Whether it comes from legal obligations, standard requirements or a voluntary approach, risk management is above all a management tool that enables to allocate resources where most needed within an organization.

Factually prioritize events that can change the strategy and objectives of the organisation based on risk management.

Having a factual perspective of one’s concerns

Focus your resources on your organization's critical flaws and rationalize their use.

Prioritizing action plans

Create consistency by encouraging interaction between risk management, quality, internal control, security and crisis management approaches.

Create synergies among various approaches.

Automatically draw up your risks management reports and monitor the adjustments made until you reach a target level.

Pilot your risk management approach

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Pyx4 process - Bénéfices : Gestion des risques
A unique approach to risk management

Associate your risks to different systems and standards to encourage a single and unique approach to risk management within the company.

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Simplified piloting

Future-proof your approach and guarantee its return on investment, with a dedicated solution encouraging an efficient and easy monitoring, even when a great number of risks is involved.

Pyx4 process - Bénéfices : Accessibilité maîtrisée
Controlled accessibility

Choose which roles within your organization require a risks-based dynamic access. Share information about risks while controlling access to this sensitive information for the organization.

Pyx4 process - Bénéfices : Suivi des objectifs d’amélioration
Action plan follow-up

Clearly identify risks, and follow up on dedicated action plans to circumscribe them.


Pyx4 process - Bénéfices : Assignation de pilotes
Adapted scoring

Use various typologies of impacts and probabilities in order to get a criticality calculation that is perfectly suited to your organisation.

Pyx4 process - Bénéfices : Collecte et partage d’information clefs
Discussions about risks

Use our 'risk sheet' tool to enable each risk owner to monitor their risks' evolution and discuss them with risk managers.

Picto Pyx4 improver - Bénéfices : Mesurez l’impact des événements
Adapted reporting

Draw up your reports based onthe types of risks you wish to highlight: by categories, processes, challenges or impacts.

Pyx4 process - Bénéfices : Déclaration d’événements
Dynamic follow-up of incidents

Check the incidents reported by employees to confirm the materialisation of anticipated risks and update risks, in connection to processes.

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