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Your challenges

Model and optimize
your processes

Modelling processes is an effective way to get a clear understanding of your organization and to implement the company’s strategy at an operational level. Having a process approach is about controlling your activity, transversality and thus performance.

Modelling your processes will enable you to define a global mapping of your organisation, in relation to your strategy.

Define your business mapping

Involve managers in modelling your work processes and instructions and clarify ‘who does what’ within the organization.

Model your processes, procedures and instructions

Once ‘as is’ is modelled, work on optimizing your processes and procedures with the aim of gaining operational efficiency.

Optimize your procedures

Control the communication of your repository by sharing different elements to employees of the organization.

Share your repository

Model and optimize your processes easily with PYX4


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Proven methodology

Build your process repository with a modelling software that is compliant with Qualigram methodology.

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Collaborative modelling

Adopt a collaborative approach by involving your experts in process modelling.

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Controlled publishing

Control the publication of your processes and documents by subjecting them to a validation workflow.

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Custom repository

Assign viewers to your processes in order to offer them a repository adapted to their roles within the organisation.


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100% web drawing engine

Model your processes directly on your web browser and benefit from the automated modelling functions.

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Centralised document management

Make your business documents accessible to all your employees and link them to your processes.

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Capitalise on your processes

With the events report, collect improvement paths or good practices identified by your employees.

Picto - Gestion évolutions - enjeux - PYX4
Change management

For your continuous improvement approach, improve your processes and create different versions of your graphs.

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