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Managing the Quality System

Proper management of a Quality System allows for improved performance in daily activities by ensuring that documented information is optimised, up to date, and available to all. This involves building, reviewing, and improving your processes, procedures, operating procedures and records. 
Formalise all the processes and documents to obtain a clear vision of your organisation.

Formalise documented processes and information

Quickly and easily modify your processes and make updated documentation available to all employees.

Manage the development of your documentation

Give your process managers active roles and responsibilities for the development, review, and continuous improvement of the processes for which they are responsible.

Involve your process managers

Involve all those with an active role in the system in its definition, implementation and continuous improvement.

Engage employees in continuous improvement


Pyx4 process - Bénéfices : Priorisation des audits
Advanced intuitiveness

Make your devices visible and ergonomic with an easy-to-use tool.

Pyx4 process - Bénéfices : Suivi des objectifs d’amélioration
Clarified organisational structure

Link roles and documents so that each employee may clearly identify his/her place and mission within the organisation.

Pyx4 process - Bénéfices : Langage commun
Common language

Enjoy Qualigram’s methodology, with easy to understand language for all the functions of the organisation.

Pyx4 process - Bénéfices : Pilotage de l’amélioration
Driving improvement

Engage your organisation in an improvement process thanks to immediate view of all the malfunctions, noncompliance and improvement path and their state of progress.


Pyx4 process - Bénéfices : Accompagner la certification
Centralised document management

Give all employees access to an updated documentation.

Picto Pyx4 improver - Bénéfices : Impliquez vos collaborateurs
Change management

Automatically create updated versions of your graphs representing the changes made.

Picto - Gestion Changement - PYX4 Process - PYX4
Capitalise on your processes

Report events (malfunctions, noncompliance, improvement paths, etc.) directly related to your processes. You can therefore easily monitor their improvement.

Pyx4 process - Bénéfices : Audit interne
Analysis functionalities

Control your system with automatic representative indicators of the current state of your system (current and past noncompliance, planned and completed audits, etc.)

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