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Managing the organisation

Opting for a process approach is the best way to lead one’s organisation in a cross-functional way by breaking down the silos. Once the process is modelled, the implementation of performance indicators and continuous improvement tools will enable you to make your organisation more efficient.

Allow the managers to document and coordinate the actions concerning the processes which are assigned to them. They guarantee their performance and are accountable to decision makers.

Choose your process managers

Define the management indicators which will allow you to forecast when process objectives will be met. They will be easily measurable and will enable rapid decision-making to meet the directors expectations.

Define your performance indicators

Measure, at regular intervals, the process efficiency, i.e. the balance between performance achieved and the resources used to obtain this result.

Measuring efficiency

Manage your organisation by implementing a continuous improvement system which enables management system optimisation.

Improve your management system

Discover the benefits and features of PYX4


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Tested methodology

Benefit from a modelling engine compliant with the Qualigram methodology, enabling you to build your process repository.

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Assign pilots

Assign managers who will report on the performance of your process.

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Controlled continuous improvement

Identify malfunctions but also improvement paths relating to your processes.

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Streamlined organisational structure

Link the roles of employees so that each one of them clearly identifies his/her position and mission within the organisation.


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Define the roles and responsibilities

Create a custom repository for each employee allowing them to measure his/her contribution to the processes of the organisation.

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Controlled distribution

Share the processes and working documents with employees and ensure that they take note of them.

Pyx4 process - Bénéfices : Suivi des objectifs d’amélioration
Capitalise on your processes

Report events (malfunctions, noncompliance, improvement paths, etc.) directly related to your processes. You can therefore easily follow their improvement.

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Tasks management

Easily find your tasks therefore participate in the optimisation of your management system.

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