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Your challenges

Manage audits, actions and noncompliance

Follow action plans, whether they are generated by audits, events or non-compliance, to get a clear view of your continuous improvement approach, thus helping you to manage your business and ensure its long-term existence.

Collect data on areas of improvement and adapt your processes according to events and non-compliance reports from operational departments.

Continously involve operational departments

Quickly monitor the progress of implemented actions,in relation to processes, audits, and events provided by operational departments.

Follow your action plans

Schedule your audit plan, and manage each of your missions until its conclusion and recommendations. You can then monitor the resulting actions.

Conduct your audits

Model your processes and procedures to identify risk areas and control points, to carry out a value-added audit mission.

Understand your processes and involved risks

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Pyx4 process - Bénéfices : Audit interne
Planning and conducting audits

Schedule your audit missions and allocate dedicated resources. You can then remotely monitor the progression of the mission and the auditors'work.

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Capitalize on processes

Involve your process managers by informing them about the events impacting processes. They will then be able to suggest, validate, approve and monitor corrective actions along the way.

Pyx4 process - Bénéfices : Priorisation des audits
Prioritization of audits

List the events reported by operational and risks departments in a single tool, target the processes which must be audited and identify areas of improvement.

Pyx4 process - Bénéfices : Optimiser l’organisation
Information sharing

Share validated and up-to-date rules within your company. Monitor in a centralized way your current actions and discuss noncompliances which have been reported and described by process managers.


Pyx4 process - Bénéfices : Déclaration d’événements
Reporting of events

Report events (malfunctions, non-compliance, improvement paths) by linking them to the relevant processes and procedures. You can then refer them to process managers for analysis and processing.

Pyx4 process - Bénéfices : Suivi des objectifs d’amélioration
Monitor key indicators

Have a prompt and personalized view of the progress of your actions by category, relating to your audit recommendations.

Pyx4 process - Caractéristique : Circuit de validation adapté
Adapted validation cycle

Remotely validate the work of auditors, their recommendations and related action plans.

Pyx4 process - Bénéfices : Collecte et partage d’information clefs
Gather and share key information

Gather and share significant documents (audit evidence, implementation of actions, etc.) to support key information following a reported event or audit.

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