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Establishing an approach for continuous improvement

As a key element of a management system, continuous improvement is a management-driven mindset that is shared at all levels.

Establishing a process of continuous improvement is synonymous with control of one’s activity, cross-functionality and therefore performance.

Allow all levels of the organisation to participate in the process of continuous improvement by identifying areas of progress in their daily missions.

Initiate a process of continuous improvement

Handle your actions effectively with a sound analysis of the problem.

Propose targeted improvement actions

Monitor your improvement actions by managing your deadlines and by defining the efficacy of the actions.

Manage the deployment of improvement actions

Address your organisation through internal audit to define impactful areas of improvement.

Check your performance through internal audit

Efficiently drive continuous improvement


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Collaborative process

Have all your employees contribute to the processes by allowing them to propose improvement paths.

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Facilitate the role of the process manager

Grant your managers easy access to all improvement actions related to their processes, their attributes and their progress.

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Monitoring improvement objectives

Through indicators and dashboards, you can monitor continuous improvement: action deadlines, impacted processes, progress, etc.

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Internal audit management

Define your annual audit plan, share it with your auditors, and monitor progress. Write your audit reports, and link to your processes, monitor actions resulting from the audit findings and measure their effectiveness.


Pyx4 process - Bénéfices : Déclaration d’événements
Event reporting

Allow each employee to easily report any event that requires improvement: malfunction, noncompliance, improvement paths.

Pyx4 process - Bénéfices : Indicateurs de pilotage avancés
Configurable analysis criteria

For each observation triggering an improvement you can configure the analysis criteria to identify the root causes, their sources, the 5M’s, and analyse their criticity.

Pyx4 process - Bénéfices : Module de contribution
Contribution module

Make your employees proactive in the analysis of problems and the actions to be carried out thanks to the contribution module.

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Advanced management indicators

Retrieve analysable data from your actions according to their state of progress, their causes and sources. Efficiently conduct and analyse continuous improvement.

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