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Conducting change management

Change is constant and necessary for the success of the company. However, it is a source of uncertainty and loss of motivation for employees when not properly anticipated and supported. By giving a clear view of the scope of planned changes for the operational organisation of the company, PYX4 allows to concretely measure the impact for each employee. You will be able to make informed decisions, but also effectively provide support to your employees during the change.

Model the target situation to predict and displaythe impact on everybody’sactivities and responsibilities, thereby reducing fears and uncertainties.

Reassuring employees

Bring about better reception of change by increasing adherence and understanding through co-construction with all those actively involved.

Involving stakeholders

Easily identify the operational impact of strategic choices of change, in order to make informed decisions.

Evaluate scenarios of change

Identify in a single click which roles are most impacted and adapt your measures of support/follow-up action accordingly.

Clearly map the impacts

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Structured methodology

Ensure consistency of procedures, and consequently their understanding by all employees, thanks to the Qualigram methodology.

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Mapping impacted roles

Define the impact of change for each role by identifying the extent to which it is involved in target procedures.

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Controlled communication

Decide when, how and to whom you communicate your new procedures for smooth and controlled communication


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Event reporting

Involve your employees in the long run by defining with them the operational organisation, thanks to the event reporting module that allows employees to signal any malfunction, noncompliance, or improvement paths.

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Simplified modelling

Model your processes in real time during workshops thanks to a simple tool that gives you speed and control, thanks to numerous automatisms facilitating the modelling.

Pyx4 process - Bénéfices : Module de contribution
Contribution module

Involve your employees using the contribution module, where everyone can be proactive and involved on the work in progress.

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