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Your stakes

Explore the main stakes
that can be addressed with PYX4

Because your stakes are our concern, our solutions support you through all your challenges, such as Risk, Quality or Process Management. Reliable tools are key factors to secure successful continuous improvement actions.

Lead Change Management

Make smart decisions and support your employees in adapting to change by providing them with a clear vision of the extent of upcoming changes. Read more

Manage Enterprise Risks

Risk Management is an efficient tool to concentrate your resources on stakes which are most significant to your organization. Read more

Steer your organization

Manage your organization across departments, based on its processes. Model your processes, define your performance KPIs and increase your organization’s efficiency. Read more

Model processes

Implement a business process approach in your organization to get a clear understanding of your structure, control its operations and improve its performance. Read more

Manage audits, action plans and non-compliances

Control your operations and make them more durable thanks to continuous improvement. Read more

Meet legal constraints

Your management system must integrate standards and legal requirements in order to achieve and maintain your organization's certification, and prove that it complies with current legislation. Read more

Manage your Quality System

An efficient Quality System Management enables to achieve higher performance, through building, reviewing and improving processes, procedures, work instructions and records. Read more

Implement a Continuous Improvement Approach

Implementing a continuous improvement approach drives higher operations control, transversality and performance. Read more

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Découvrez les principaux enjeux couverts par le logiciel PYX4