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The methodology at the
core of our approach: Qualigram

PYX4 - Qualigram methodology certified by AFNOR

The Qualigram methodology is a process graphical description method that we developed more than 10 year ago. This method was published by Afnor (cf “la rédaction graphique des procédures”, i.e. the procedures graphical writing) is unique both for its functional wealth and for its ease of use.


A recognized methodology

The Qualigram methodology is often positively assessed by business analysts for it is easy to adopt: École de Technologie Supérieure de Montréal: “the best methodology for business analysts.” Gartner: “the ability to offer functionalities that make it easy to execute the strategy.”

More than 70,000 users have already benefited from the process modeling software solutions we developed with the Qualigram methodology. Its ease of use and its intuitiveness enabled them to implement a continuous improvement approach within their organization. 


The Qualigram methodology is at the core of our software solutions: whether it was Qualigram yesterday or PYX4 today, it is the foundation of our approach.

An alternative to the BPMN system

The Qualigram language is not made of a lot of graphical elements, which makes it simple and accessible to all compared to other notation systems such as the BPMN system. This simplicity makes it possible to meet the needs of all users, to both those who describe business processes and those who consult and analyze them.


This methodology meets specific needs which are not covered by other standards, and which thus allows us to design as many views as necessary: Strategic, Organizational and Operational.


The job process graphical design made using this language enables the means and roles of an organization to be brought together on an analysis axis.

Here are a few examples

Here are processes which were modeled using the Qualigram methodology

Mapping example

Graphe - Cartographie - Page méthodologie Qualigram - PYX4


Here is a general mapping example modeled using the Qualigram language.


It highlights the company’s goals and the missions, and it is the user’s privileged entry point when browsing the repository.


It also illustrates the organization’s major processes as well as the main interfaces there are between them.

Repository example

Graphe - Référentiel - Page méthodologie Qualigram - PYX4


By browsing in depth in a Qualigram repository you can find graphs of this type: this one highlights the “producing” process in a detailed way by describing the procedures it is consisted of.


You can identify the interfaces this process shares with the organization’s other processes such as “Regulating,” “Buying,” “Developing,” “Selling,” and “Delivering.”


The inputs and outputs of this process are thus also

easily visible.

Procedure example

Procédure Qualigram


The second-level graph is also called a procedure, and it is one of the strong points of the methodology. It answers the question “who does what?” when you browse deeper into the repository.


You can identify stakeholders at the top of the graph, which are actually the roles taking part in this procedure. Then come the basic instructions, carried out by the stakeholders that have an input or an output. 


It is possible to add a certain number of attention points or to add a job document that will support the action to be carried out.

This way, responsibilities are clearly established and the company’s expertise is described.