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Performance drivers
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Our mission is to provide assistance to organisations, to execute their strategy, with the aim of rallying the employees around processes. The unique objective is to unite the teams around an intuitive, innovative and integrated tool, which shall be at the service of your organisation’s strategy.

Our values

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We attach great importance in saying what we think and doing what we say. Upholding our commitments is one of the corner stones of our approach, with our clients, partners and employees.
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We strive towards excellence with quality work, and do our best to win the trust of our clients. They can count on us to assist them in the success of their enterprise.
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We do our best to innovate both on the conceptual level and technological level, in order to always offer a unique tool on the market.
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It is important to have an agile mind to anticipate and promptly adapt to changes when they arise, while respecting our identity.
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“ Our aim is to help our clients stay the course in their strategy by aligning their vision with implementation. We are committed to helping them manage, organise and improve their processes with the target of achieving efficiency.

Our ecosystem


Our strong and trusted partners are present all around the world.


An internal team of which 50% is dedicated to R&D, to offer ever more innovative solutions.


Our partnership with different universities represents our future-oriented approach.


Key players of the project, our employees share the fundamental values of the organisation and play an active role in our success.

Our team

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Edouard Kodsi

Edouard KODSI is a Canadian national who was shaped by a dual training in Applied Science (Chemical Engineering) and Psychology/Sociology, which he later chose to supplement with a degree in Quality Management. For nearly a decade, Edouard has developped his expertise in Quality consulting, BPM and integration, through a consulting company he founded in Montreal. Edouard shares with his associates a desire to promote their skills, energy and ability to grow their business, by bringing together the individual talents of their teams.

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Kerstin Bongard-Blanchy

At PYX4, we believe that well-designed processes are a powerful tool to manage an organisation. Our solution enables businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to multinationals, but also public institutions, to model and methodically link their working processes, continuously improve their operations and easily share the processes with suppliers and other branches. To date, three modules – Process, Improver and Store – have been developed to meet the needs of employees, managers and quality engineers. In addition to their convenience, PYX4 modules possess a modern and ergonomic user interface, which continues to evolve with the requirements of our clients.

Our history in a nutshell

Launch of PYX4, the rightful successor of the Qualigram BPM solution… The revolution is underway!

Launch of PYX4

PYX4 solution is referred to as a ‘Representative Vendor’ by Gartner in the Market Guide for Business Process Analysis 2015.

PYX4 solution is referred by Gartner

PYX4 Improver, first module supplementing PYX4 Process hits the market and responds to the strong market demand for quality management and continuous improvement.

PYX4 Improver: first module supplementing

OTC Aggregator and ACG Management simultaneously invest 1.4 million and 1.6 million Euros in the PYX4 project. Objectives: Increase R&D and boost international development.

OTC Aggregator and ACG Management invest 3M. Euros

PYX4 app experiences rapid growth and surpasses 3000 users in August 2015.

PYX4 app experiences rapid growth

First edition of ‘Baromètre de la Qualité’ (Quality Barometer)

First edition of ‘Baromètre de la Qualité’

PYX4 Store hits the market; a community-based and collaborative platform, whose aim is to share the best practices for each sector.

PYX4 Store hits the market

The journey continues in 2017!

The journey continues