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PYX4 - Process Improver and Risk
Our clients have been trusting us for more than 12 years
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PYX4 Process

Your process mapping software

PYX4 Process is a powerful tool you can use for your organization’s optimization: collaborative approach and centralization of your knowledge repository. 

1. Creation: Modelize your processes in a simple way


2. Validation: Clarify the roles and responsibilities of your employees

3. Distribution: Perpetuate the expertise and distribute your repository

PYX4 - Aperçu visuel module Improver - validation du plan d'action

PYX4 Improver

Your continuous improvement approaches

Boost your organization’s continuous improvement and sustainable performance.

Meet the key management standards requirements.

Répondez aux exigences des principales normes de management.

1. Event: Making feedbacks easier

2. Action: Action plans centralized management

3. Audit: Process-related audits planning and execution

PYX4 Risk

Manage the risks and opportunities impacting your organization

Manage your risks to reach efficiency, and to develop a clear vision of the opportunities to be seized


  1. Risk: Identify, characterize, and control the risks linked to your organization


  1. Opportunities: List your opportunities and design a strategy to convert them

3. Prioritization: Assess your risks according to their possible impact and to their occurrence likelihood

PYX4 - Aperçu visuel module Risk - tableau de bord

Interconnected modules for a total control of your Quality

100% Web, Saas style

PYX4 requires no installation. You will benefit from all the flexibility of a subscription-based pricing as well as from the solution’s changes with no particular action on your end. (We also offer a OnPremise version for companies that wish to)

Optimizing your organization by involving your employees

Enjoy the simplicity of the PYX4 language to model your processes in a collaborative way, and involve all jobs in their optimization.

Safety & Resiliency

Hosted on dedicated French servers. TIER III certified data centers with a daily database backup, and a weekly backup of the entire server.

Personalization options

Set up the module to personalize it according to your business’ specifics.

Our clients talk about it better than we do

PYX4 is an easy-to-use solution, which has enabled us to meet very specific standard requirements, and which simultaneously enabled us to share the entire system through a simple web browser.

Continuous Improvement Manager, BayerBayer

Easy-to-use software suite and methodology, and a Quality support.

Quality and Internal Control ManagerInstitut 4.10

Beyond the fact that it is an easy-to-use software tool, PYX4 is also a humane and professional team, which has been able to adapt to our needs and to provide us with specific support until we obtained our ISO certification.

Arcangela SCARFONE
Arcangela SCARFONE
Quality System AdvisorEsterline CMC Electronics

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